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Members of the HINTECH Polish mining delegation in a strategic meeting in Kolkata, discussing future collaborations in the mining sector.
19 czerwca 2023

Polish mining delegation visits Kolkata


From June 11th to 17th, a Polish mining delegation representing the newly formed HINTECH group visited India. In collaboration with the Polish Embassy in New Delhi, they showcased potential collaboration opportunities between Poland and India. During the visit, a conference for invited Indian mining industry firms took place, followed by a business matchmaking session. The delegation met with several key entities, including Coal India Limited, MGMI, West Bengal PDCL, Hindustan Copper, MINSOL, Shrachi BTL EPC, Metallon Holdings Ltd., and Thyssenkrupp India.

A highlight of the visit was the meetings with Dr. Shashi Panja, the Minister of Industry for West Bengal, and Aroop Biswas, the region's Energy Minister. Discussions revolved around the current state of the mining sector in both Poland and India, cutting-edge extraction technologies, and the potential for collaboration between the Silesian and West Bengal regions.

The objective of this visit was to bolster Poland's image as a credible partner and supplier of solutions for the mining industry and to introduce India as a promising market. These meetings also provided an opportunity for knowledge exchange, sharing experiences, and best practices between mining industry experts. This allowed both sides to discuss the transfer of advanced technologies, innovative mining techniques, and sustainable practices.

The involvement of Poland's Ministry of State Assets translates into support for the primary entities responsible for mining in India. This visit laid the groundwork for long-term partnership, technological advancement, and development conducive to social inclusion in the mining sector.