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In the era of Industry 4.0, HINTECH strives to be the bridge connecting traditional mining methods with cutting-edge technologies. Our mission is to deliver solutions that not only enhance the efficiency of resource extraction but also contribute to the development of local communities, education, and environmental protection. By collaborating with academic institutions and research entities, we aim to embed science at the heart of mining, crafting a future that is sustainable, innovative, and knowledge-driven.





In a world of rapidly evolving mining, HINTECH aspires to be a leader in delivering innovative technological solutions that shape the future of resource extraction. We believe in merging traditional mining methods with modern technologies and in bridging science with business. As a group encompassing both enterprises and academic institutions, we aim to create synergy between research, education, and business practice. Our scientific partnerships enable us to provide solutions that maximize outcomes while simultaneously safeguarding the environment. We strive for each HINTECH member company and institution to be a beacon of excellence in its field, with our innovations serving as the key to a sustainable mining future.






Safety: Safety is paramount to us. We endeavor to create an accident and injury-free work environment, prioritizing the health and lives of our employees and the communities we engage with.

Modern Technology: We are at the forefront of the technological revolution in mining. Our passion for innovation drives us to continuously seek newer, better solutions.

Environmental Stewardship: We are committed to operating sustainably, aiming to minimize our environmental footprint and promote eco-friendly practices throughout the industry.

Efficiency Enhancement: Our relentless pursuit of excellence means we are always on the lookout for ways to enhance the efficiency of our operations and products.

Education and Collaboration with Research Entities: We believe in the power of education and scientific research. By partnering with academic institutions and research bodies, we aim to develop solutions grounded in the latest knowledge and studies.

Partnership and Cooperation: We believe that true success is achieved through collaboration. We build strong relationships with our partners, clients, and the communities in which we operate.