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Methane Reduction & Utilization

Clean Energy from the Depths

Methane Reduction and Utilization for Clean Energy in Mining

Harnessing the power of methane, a byproduct of mining processes, HINTECH aims not only to reduce its emissions but also to transform it into a sustainable energy source. Our advanced solutions ensure safe methane drainage and its subsequent conversion for energy purposes, promoting environmental protection and sustainable growth.

Industry 4.0

Navigating the Future of Mining

 Industry 4.0 - Navigating the Future of Mining

At HINTECH, we're at the forefront of the Industry 4.0 transformation, integrating a suite of advanced technologies including digital twins, automation, and data analytics. These innovations drive efficiency, enhance safety, and provide actionable insights, setting the stage for the next era of mining excellence.


Training & Consulting

Knowledge is Power

Training & Consulting in Mining - Knowledge is Power

We believe in empowering our clients. Our training and consulting services ensure that mining professionals are always equipped with the latest knowledge.

Opencast Mining Equipment

Giants of the Surface

Giants of the Surface - Opencast Mining Equipment

Specializing in the design and execution of machinery for opencast mining, we bring forth titans like the bucket wheel excavator and stackers. These behemoths redefine scale and efficiency, ensuring that surface mining operations are conducted with unmatched prowess.

AI in Mining

The Future is Here

AI in Mining - The Future is Here

Harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, we're optimizing mining processes, making them more efficient and safe.

Control Systems

Commanding the Operation

Commanding the Operation - Advanced Control Systems in Mining

In the intricate dance of mining, our control systems play the role of the conductor. They ensure every component works in harmony, optimizing the rhythm of operations and guaranteeing peak performance.


The Digital Revolution

SCADA & IOT - The Digital Revolution in Mining

Our SCADA systems and IOT solutions are revolutionizing mining. Real-time monitoring and remote management are now a reality, making operations smoother and more efficient.


Masters of Material


Crushers & Screens - Masters of Material Transformation

Masters of metamorphosis, our crushers transform colossal rocks into refined fragments, paving the way for efficient processing and bountiful extraction

LHD Loaders

 Anchor Drilling Trucks


Our LHD Loaders ensure efficient underground material transport, while our Anchor Drilling Trucks offer precise reinforcement drilling for mine stability

Drilling Rigs

Precision Meets Durability

When it comes to drilling, precision is key. Our rigs are designed for the mining sector, ensuring every drill is accurate and durable

Power Hydraulics

Fluid Power at Its Best

In the intricate world of underground mining, our power hydraulics systems stand out. They guarantee reliability, even in the most demanding of operations.

Power Hydraulics - Fluid Power at Its Best
Drilling Rigs - Precision Meets Durability
Conveyors - Moving Mountains

Electric Motors

Empowering Your Business

Innovative and high-efficiency electric motors designed to operate in extreme underground conditions. Our electric motors ensure a significant energy savings and cost cuts. The reliability of the electric motors guarantees a reduction in equipment downtime and an increase in the fluidity and efficiency of the entire mining process.


 Moving Mountains

Efficient transport of raw materials is a cornerstone of our operations. Our conveyors are engineered for speed, safety, and durability, ensuring that materials move smoothly within and out of the mines.


The Heart of Machinery

Our gearboxes are not just any regular machinery components. Designed specifically for the rigorous environment of underground mining, they promise unparalleled reliability and performance.

Gearboxes - The Heart of Machinery
Electric Motors - Empowering Your Business

HINTECH portfolio

3D Scanning

Mapping the Future

3D Scanning - Mapping the Future

With our 3D scanning services, mines can be mapped and analyzed with utmost precision, paving the way for efficient planning and operations.


The Lifelines of Transport

Belts - The Lifelines of Transport

Our heavy-duty belts are resilient and durable, perfect for the rigorous task of transporting materials in mines.

Electrical Equipment

Safety First

Electrical Equipment - Safety First

Mining operations demand the highest safety standards. Our electrical equipment is crafted keeping this in mind, ensuring every operation is safe and efficient.

LHD Loaders - Anchor Drilling Trucks
HINTECH - The Future of Mining Is Here



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HINTECH is a consortium of leading mining companies and the prestigious AGH University of Mining and Technology. Our mission is to integrate business innovations with academic research, offering unparalleled mining solutions to our clients.

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HINTECH - Integrating Business Innovations with Academic Research in Mining

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