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Representatives of HINTECH engaged in strategic talks with Coal India Limited officials, emphasizing collaboration and technological advancement in the mining sector.
13 czerwca 2023

Polish mining delegation engages in constructive talks with Coal India Limited


KOLKATA - In a significant move to foster international collaboration in the mining sector, a delegation from Poland recently visited the corporate office of Coal India Limited (CIL) in Kolkata. The meeting was graced by Shri Pramod Agrawal, Chairman of Coal India Limited.

The primary focus of the discussion revolved around the potential collaboration between Coal India and Polish mining specialists. Poland, with its rich history in mining and advanced technological solutions, offers a plethora of expertise in various mining domains. The talks emphasized the possibility of leveraging Polish expertise to develop innovative technologies and solutions tailored for the challenges faced by the Indian mining sector.

Dr. B. Veera Reddy, Director (Technical), Sri Debasish Nanda, Director (BD) of CIL, and other senior executives of CIL were also present, ensuring a comprehensive dialogue between the two parties.

The meeting signifies a step forward in strengthening ties between India and Poland in the mining sector. With both nations recognizing the importance of sustainable and efficient mining practices, such collaborations can pave the way for knowledge exchange, technological advancements, and mutual growth.

For more details on the outcomes of the meeting and future collaborative projects, stay tuned.