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The HINTECH team proudly representing their innovations and forming new partnerships at the IME Mining Expo in Kolkata.
06 listopada 2023

HINTECH Triumphs at the IME Mining Expo in Kolkata!


We are thrilled to share our impressions from participating in the prestigious IME expo held in Kolkata. It was an exceptional opportunity to showcase the potential of the HINTECH group and to forge new, inspiring connections.


🤝 We engaged with numerous representatives from the mining, steel, and energy sectors, allowing for an exchange of experiences and visions for the future of these industries. We are delighted to reconnect with companies that have previously visited us and with whom we are building lasting, valuable relationships.


💼 The IME expo proved to be fertile ground for new collaborative opportunities, which we are enthusiastically considering, with a focus on development and innovation. Our booth attracted many interested parties, and the conversations we had there reinforce our belief that the path we are on is not only promising but essential for the future of mining.


🚀 We are convinced that each new collaboration and project brings us closer to fulfilling our mission – introducing innovative solutions that contribute to the sustainable development of the industry and creating a better future for us all.


📈 Thanks to the commitment and passion of our team, HINTECH continues to build its potential in the Indian market, and our actions are increasingly recognized and valued.


👀 We encourage you to follow our activities. If you are interested in joining our dynamically growing group, contact us – together we can achieve more!