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HINTECH representatives in a constructive meeting with the Indian Minister of Industry, exploring synergies for mining innovation.
12 czerwca 2023

Hintech group's constructive meeting with the Minister of Industry on Indian Mining Challenges


In a significant move towards fostering international collaboration, representatives from the Hintech Group had the privilege of meeting with the Honorable Minister of Industry of India, Ms. Sashi Panja. The primary focus of the discussion was the multifaceted challenges faced by the Indian mining sector and the myriad opportunities for collaboration.

India, with its vast mineral resources, has a mining sector brimming with potential. A key topic during the meeting was the transformative role of digital technologies in shaping the future of mining. The Hintech Group highlighted the potential of technological innovations in enhancing efficiency, ensuring safety, and promoting the sustainable development of the sector.

The conversation also delved into the critical importance of training and capacity building. The Hintech Group expressed its eagerness to collaborate on specialized training programs tailored to the unique requirements of the Indian mining landscape, aiming to empower the workforce to navigate contemporary industry challenges.

The Honorable Minister Ms. Sashi Panja showed a keen interest in the propositions presented, underscoring the value of such international partnerships in the quest to modernize and elevate the mining sector in India. The dialogue concluded on a positive note, with both parties looking forward to continued collaboration and tangible actions in the forthcoming months.

As the Hintech Group continues to expand its footprint in India, this pivotal meeting with the Honorable Minister signifies a major stride in forging enduring and mutually beneficial ties.