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Industry Minister presents on advancements in underground mining technology in India, featuring a shearer loader machine in operation.
13 stycznia 2024

HINTECH: Catalyzing the future of underground mining in India


HINTECH stands at the forefront of supporting India's shift towards sustainable underground mining, aligning perfectly with the government's recent initiative to offer a 50% revenue share discount for underground coal mining and coal gasification projects. Read the full article on plans for the development of underground mining in India


  • Comprehensive Underground Mining Solutions: Our portfolio includes advanced underground mining systems, robust transportation systems, high-performance gearboxes and electric motors, and innovative mechanized support structures, crucial for safe and efficient underground operations.

  • State-of-the-Art Transportation and Drilling Equipment: We offer sophisticated conveyor belts and high-efficiency drilling rigs, streamlining material transport and drilling processes in challenging underground environments.

  • Collaboration with AGH and IBM: Leveraging partnerships with AGH University and IBM Poland, we provide applications that optimize mining operations through data analysis, process optimization, risk management, and predictive maintenance.

  • Empowering through Training & Consulting: Our comprehensive training and consulting services ensure that mining professionals are equipped with the latest industry knowledge and best practices.

  • Advanced Mining Support Systems: We provide diverse support systems including skip loading, electric distribution stations, pumping and conveyor lines, air conditioning, methane drainage, and main ventilation systems, enhancing the safety and efficiency of mining operations.

  • Innovative Design and Planning Tools: Utilizing BIM 4/5D Technology, Digital Twins, and Industrial VR, we revolutionize the design, modernization, and optimization of mining facilities.

  • Integration of New Technologies: Our focus on advanced control, automation, and communication systems drives the efficiency and safety of mining operations.


HINTECH is committed to delivering technology and expertise that align with India's goals for a more efficient, environmentally responsible, and safer underground mining industry. Our portfolio, combined with the government's supportive policies, positions us as a key player in the transformation of India's mining sector.