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HINTECH representatives engage in a panel discussion at the Mining & Construction Equipment Summit, highlighting advancements in sustainable mining technology.
23 października 2023

HINTECH at The Mining&Construction Equipment Summit


HINTECH had the extraordinary privilege of participating in the insightful and innovative "Mining & Construction Equipment" summit held in Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Organized by #CII, this event convened leading experts, industry leaders, equipment manufacturers, technology providers, and representatives from government and various industrial sectors, creating a unique platform for the exchange of knowledge, experiences, and the latest trends in the mining sector.


The event was a testament to the advancement and dynamism of the mining sector in Orissa, emphasizing sustainable and innovative practices that are crucial for the future and enduring development of the industry. The summit underscored the importance of new policies, strategic government interventions, and a continuous pursuit of excellence and innovation in mining practices. Over the last three years, Orissa has recorded a significant increase in mining revenues, from 10,000 crore INR (≈ 1.33 billion USD) to 49,000 crore INR (≈ 6.53 billion USD).


Particularly, Hintech, as a key participant and innovator, showcased its advanced solutions and technologies that perfectly cater to the dynamically changing needs and demands of the mining sector in Orissa. With its rich portfolio, Hintech is poised to deliver technologies and solutions that not only meet the current market requirements but also anticipate and shape the future trends and needs of the industry.


Discussions were filled with profound analyses and reflections on the future of the sector, emphasizing the promotion of sustainable practices, exploring the needs for new policies, and developing skills and education to meet the challenges of the future and lead the industry towards new horizons of success.


Orissa was highlighted as a strategic hub for investments and development in the mining sector, with its rich heritage, strategic location, and advanced infrastructure being pivotal in attracting investments and promoting innovation.


The summit also provided an opportunity to underscore the global significance and potential of the sector, emphasizing the utilization of local resources, talents, and innovations to drive global changes, contributing to the achievement of sustainable development goals and building a future that is greener, more sustainable, and prosperous.