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Group of international delegates from various sectors attending the Bengal Global Business Summit.
21 listopada 2023

HINTECH at Bengal Global Summit: strengthening Silesia-West Bengal ties


At the Bengal Global Summit, Hintech, represented by one of its group members, Architube, through its representative Mr. Piotr Walenko, joined the Silesian delegation led by Grzegorz Boski a member of the board of the Silesian Voivodeship to foster ties with West Bengal. This event, showcasing Poland's economic prowess, was a pivotal moment for Hintech to present its innovative mining solutions.


Deepening regional collaboration


The summit was a continuation of the Silesia-West Bengal partnership, initiated in 2018. A letter of intent signed at the event reaffirmed the commitment to economic, innovation, and educational collaboration.


Upper Silesian Fund's involvement


The Upper Silesian Fund, with President Babuśka, significantly contributed to promoting Silesia's potential, highlighting the importance of regional and international economic cooperation.


Continued dialogue with honorable Minister of Industry of India, Ms. Sashi Panja


Building on previous interactions, Hintech had the opportunity to meet again with Ms. Sashi Panja, the Honorable Minister of Industry of India. This meeting focused on exploring further avenues for collaboration in the mining sector.


Hintech's global business role


Specializing in the combination of business and science, Hintech, with its innovative devices and expertise in digitalization and AI, is poised to introduce its technologies to the Indian market. The company aims to enhance efficiency and safety in mining, showcasing Polish innovation on a global scale.

This collaboration promises mutual benefits, with plans for further cooperation and new business initiatives. It's a potential model for effective regional and international partnership, leading to technology transfer and experience exchange.


Invaluable support from Joydeep Roy


A key figure in these meetings was Joydeep Roy from the Honorary Consulate, who played a crucial role in facilitating Polish-Indian relations. His involvement was instrumental in bridging the gap between the two regions, ensuring smooth communication and understanding.


Hintech's participation in the Bengal Global Summit is a strategic step towards lasting international relationships, aiming to drive innovation and economic growth in both Silesia and West Bengal.