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Satellite view of Deocha-Pachami coal project area highlighting the sustainable mining efforts by HINTECH.
31 grudnia 2023

Deocha-Pachami: pioneering a future of responsible and sustainable mining 🌿🌍

 About the Deocha-Pachami project:


Deocha-Pachami is a remarkable mining project, encompassing an area of 9.7 square kilometers, with coal reserves estimated at 2.102 billion tons.With investments projected at 20,000 crore rupees (approximately 3 billion US dollars), the project holds the potential to generate nearly a 100.000 job opportunities, contributing significantly to the region's economic prosperity.The project is currently under exploration to more accurately estimate the actual and extractable coal reserves as well as the quantity of basalt to be removed.


🌱 Sustainable and Environmental Stewardship:We believe that the future of mining lies in practices that are responsible, minimizing impacts on the environment and local communities. It is imperative to embrace ecological solutions that will mitigate the adverse effects of exploitation in the future.


🤝 Partnership and Collaboration:Deocha-Pachami offers a platform for building robust partnerships and collaborations, fostering innovation, and mutual growth.


🚀 Innovation and Opportunities:The project is brimming with innovation and diverse investment and technological opportunities that promise benefits not just for the region but the global mining community as well.Together, with responsibility and innovation at the forefront, we can work towards shaping a future of mining that is sustainable, environmentally respectful, and beneficial for all.


Hintech is closely watching the unfolding developments of the Deocha-Pachami project with keen interest and is considering avenues for engagement and collaboration.